What Happened to Horse Racing Radar?

Thanks to the fine people at Eclipse Sportswire (eclipsesportswire@gmail.com) whose lawyers are demanding that we pay $14,000 over the use of 2 PHOTOS from 3 years ago that a total of 10 people likely saw, we have been forced to shut down operations aside from this forum. They put multiple people out of work and destroyed what we have been working to build for the past year. It’s my opinion, which I am entitled to, that jockeys boycott Eclipse from taking and using photos of them in the future and that anyone who wishes to, reach out to this public business and let them know how you feel. If we are able to reverse the claim or settle for a small amount, we can bring back the original HRR with weekly FREE contests and more.

So, thank you Eclipse, for everything. I am speaking on behalf of Kennaco Assets, LLC.

Signing off,
Chris ORorke
Owner, Kennaco Assets, LLC